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Is it time to lock up your money before Brexit?

As politicians and financial experts seek to gain a better understanding of Brexit over the next few weeks, what’s certain is that no one is quite sure what impact exiting the European Union may have on our finances. Whatever your thoughts may be on Brexit, at Raisin UK, our marketplace is home to a variety of savings products, that will let you lock your money away for both the long and short term.

Short term saving and Brexit

If you want to deposit money into a fixed term deposit with an attractive rate, but want to be able to access your money soon after Brexit, a fixed term deposit with a shorter term may be the ideal solution for you, just be aware that you may find that savings products with longer fixed terms feature more lucrative rates. Visit our marketplace to view the full range of savings products we currently have available.

9 month fixed term deposits at Raisin UK

If you’re looking for a fixed term savings product with a shorter term, you may find that our recently launched 9 month fixed term deposit from Bank & Clients (B&C), featuring an attractive rate of 1.70%, is right for you. We also offer a 9 month fixed term deposit from ICICI Bank (UK) at a rate of 1.65%.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK compensation scheme which helps you to recover your money if a bank stops trading, protects both of these fixed term deposits up to £85,000 per person, per banking group.

Apply for ICICI Bank (UK) 9 Month Fixed Term Deposit

Other B&C fixed term deposits at Raisin UK

In addition to their recently launched 9 month fixed term deposit, B&C is offering a 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit at 1.90% AER, as well as an exclusive 4 Year Fixed Term Deposit at 2.25% through our marketplace. All of the savings products in this Newsroom post can be funded with a minimum deposit of £1,000 and a maximum deposit of £85,000.

Apply for B&C 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit

About B&C

B&C is a PRA-authorised, and FCA and PRA-regulated UK bank which was formed in 2014 following the merger of Church House Trust and Ocean Capital, two British banking institutions which were founded in 1978 and 2002 respectively. Inspired by the traditions of private banking, B&C has a focus on supporting individuals and businesses by providing them with tailored solutions to meet their financial needs.

Only ever fill in one application form

By registering for a Raisin UK Account, you’ll be able to easily see how your savings products are doing, as well as apply for any savings product on our marketplace, without having to fill in another application form. Once you have registered with us, all you need to do is log in, click apply, enter the amount that you want to deposit and transfer your funds to your Raisin UK Account. We’ll take care of the rest.

This article may contain information about partner banks, savings accounts, rates and bonus offers which were correct at the time of publication on 13th December 2018.