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Battle of the loyalty cards – the best supermarket money saving deals


With the recent dramatic increase in the cost of living, UK households are feeling the crunch when it comes down to personal finances this year. Our food bills have taken a huge hit, and we are seeing record high prices when it comes to purchasing our groceries. But could our store loyalty cards be the solution to our never ending financial woes… maybe?

We have compiled their tips for maximising your usage of loyalty cards, but have also provided a summary of what each supermarket can offer you!

Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard has been home to a new level of debates as Tesco hugely rolled out it’s Clubcard Prices on numerous products! The Tesco Clubcard does unlock exclusive deals that Tesco saves for just Clubcard members, helping you lower your food shop, but it is important to compare prices when you shop and not to be lead a stray by deals. Tesco has come under fire for potentially hiking prices on selected products for people who do not have a Tesco Clubcard account.

The Tesco Clubcard also rewards everytime you shop, with every £150 spent you get 150 points (1 point for every pound). With 150 points you can use that to redeem £1.50 off at your next Tesco shop, or alternatively enjoy up to 3x your Clubcard voucher value to spend with 100% Reward Partners, including Pizza Express, Bella Italia, Eurotunnel, Fitbit and more!

You can download the app for a virtual card, or order a physical card online.

Nectar Card

Sainsburys bought the Nectar Card and give it a fresh new look, and shoppers now how the ability to benefit from Nectar Prices when using Sainsbury’s Smart Shop in-store (using their mobile phone app or handheld scanners). These Nectar Prices are different for every shopper, unlike Tesco, and use your previous shopping habits to give you discounts on the items you usually purchase.

Nectar also gives you personalised offers to get extra points when shopping your favourite items in store, and you can collect points at partner brands including Argos, Habitat, eBay, British Airways and Esso.

You can redeem your points in store at Sainsburys with every 500 points being worth £2.50. You can also redeem your points at other partner brands including Argos, eBay, British Airways, Nectar Hotels and more.

You can download the app for a virtual card, or order a physical card online.

My Morrisons

Slightly later to the loyalty card programme is Morrisons. My Morrisons is the direct replacement for Morrisons More, so whilst points are no longer a thing at Morrisons, you do get personalised offers tailored to your shopping that allow you to lower the price of your shop over collecting vouchers.

Sadly, that’s the limit for My Morrisons and the loyalty programme doesn’t do much more at the moment.

You can download the app for a virtual card as Morrisons do not provide new physical cards.

Sparks Card

M&S have recently revamped their Sparks reward scheme, that you can use at their M&S food halls or at their clothing stores. You currently cannot use your Sparks card on Ocado but can use it on the M&S website.

Similar to My Morrisons, M&S do not provide points on their Sparks card anymore, but they do give shoppers personalised offers and free treats, giving you money off clothing, ready meals, fruit and veg and even a free bakery item or Percy Pigs!

M&S also donate to your chosen charity every time you shop with your Sparks card, you can pick your chosen charity through the M&S app.

M&S also pays for random Sparks customer’s shopping making a Sparks card a great way to potentially get your full trolley of shopping for free!

You can download the app for a virtual card, or pick up a physical card in store.

Asda Rewards

Asda is hoping to jump onto the rewards scheme with their brand new Asda Rewards, the first time the supermarket chain has attempted a loyalty card programme.

Asda Rewards is currently only available at a small number of trial stores, but this list is always growing so check on the Asda website to see if you can benefit from Asda Rewards.

You earn pounds (not points) that allow you to earn money back on your next shop when you purchase certain own-brand and big brand products.

You can download the app for a virtual card as Asda do not provide new physical cards.


myWaitrose offers personalised offers every week, with additional exclusive offers on counters in-store.

You can also pick up a free Waitrose magazine, and get 5% off at Johnsons the Cleaners just for being a member.

myWaitrose customers used to be able to get free hot drinks whilst they shopped, but this was suspended due to COVID-19 and no announcement has been made on the return of this benefit.

You can download the app for a virtual card, or order a physical card online.

Lidl Plus

Lidl Plus ‘promises’ to make those big savings even bigger when shopping in-store. The Lidl Plus app has new coupons every Thursday, plus exclusive discounts, prizes and more.

You can download the app for a virtual card as Lidl do not provide new physical cards.

Co-op Membership

The Co-op membership does cost £1 to sign-up, but you get the choice of 2 offers every week, and access to Co-op member prices in store.

Similar to M&S, Co-op also donates to your chosen charity every time you shop, and you can select and change this charity on the Co-op app.

You can download the app for a virtual card, or order a physical card online.

Why should we use loyalty cards?

Kevin Mountford, co-founder of savings platform Raisin UK, adds: “Loyalty cards are often snubbed at, or sometimes even forgotten about. Whilst it may be a hassle to get out an extra card, or to open an app, at the checkout, it could end up saving you a few pounds every time you do a shop which can really add up over the year as the Chancellor warns of tricky months. It is super important thought to remember that some deals may not be as good as they seem. Some stores hike prices up to make deals look bigger than they are, so it’s super important to compare prices between supermarkets and to also look at budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi to maximise your money.”