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Aldermore Bank Plc increases the range of savings accounts

Variety is the spice of life, and as more banks partner with us, the range of savings accounts that you can choose from continues to grow as well. Aldermore Bank Plc is the latest bank to partner with us, introducing four new Fixed Rate Bonds with shorter terms.

Short-term Fixed Rate Bonds from Aldermore Bank Plc

Short-term Fixed Rate Bonds could be right for you if you want the FSCS to protect your deposits and you won’t have to wait as long for your savings to become available.

Some of the savings accounts shown below include rates that you can only view at raisin.co.uk by registering with us and logging into your Raisin UK Account.


3 Month
Fixed Rate Bond

0.95% AER

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6 Month
Fixed Rate Bond

Special Raisin UK Account Rate

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9 Month
Fixed Rate Bond

Special Raisin UK Account Rate

1 Year
Fixed Rate Bond

Special Raisin UK Account Rate


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Once you’ve registered for a Raisin UK Account, applying for savings accounts from all of our partner banks is quick and convenient. It only takes a few minutes to register with us, and once you’ve registered, you won’t have to fill in an application form every time you want to open a new savings account through our marketplace, even if it’s from a different bank.

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About Aldermore Bank Plc

Aldermore Bank Plc operates under it’s core values of being reliable, expert, dynamic and straightforward. Put simply; Aldermore aims to deliver banking as it should be. Established in 2009, Aldermore became part of FirstRand Group in March 2018 and currently has a network of UK offices.

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