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New bonus alert: Claim up to £80 for funding savings products with Raisin UK

We’re excited to announce that as of today, we’re retiring our launch bonus and introducing a new bonus which may be worth up to £80 and can be claimed by funding a fixed term deposit through the Raisin UK savings marketplace.

The new bonus is for new and existing Raisin UK customers

As with our launch bonus, the new Raisin UK bonus can be claimed by anyone who registers at raisin.co.uk and funds a savings product for the first time. We also want to reward those of you who have already applied for fixed term deposits during our launch window.

To show our appreciation to our existing customers, for every subsequent savings product that you fund through our marketplace, you can also claim a bonus.

Save time and make MORE money

Whether you’re a Raisin UK veteran who has been with us from the start or if you’ve just joined us, you can claim one bonus per savings product for depositing the following amounts:

£20 bonus for depositing £10,000 or more
Deposits between £10,000 and £19,999
£40 bonus for depositing £20,000 or more
Deposits between £20,000 and £39,999
£80 bonus for depositing £40,000 or more
Deposits between £40,000 and £85,000

How to apply for the new Raisin UK bonus

All you need to do to claim our new bonus is to send an email from the email address you registered with, containing your full name, the bonus amount that you are eligible to claim and “Bonus” as the subject line to bonus@raisin.co.uk, within 30 days of you funding your new fixed term deposit.

It’s vital that you send your request from the email address that you have registered with, or you could delay the approval of your claim, or lose out on your bonus altogether.

When you can expect to receive your bonus

We will credit your nominated account with the appropriate bonus once we’ve received your email and verified that you meet our eligibility requirements, within 60 days of you successfully funding your new savings product.

Don’t miss out at Raisin UK

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