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Shaping the future of savings accounts for over two years

For over two years, we’ve given UK savers more reasons to give their savings a lift, with a range of savings accounts featuring competitive rates, new and diverse partner banks and some enticing bonuses. Recently, we asked our customers what they think of Raisin UK, so rather than us telling you what we believe makes our marketplace great, read on to find out what our customers have to say about Raisin UK.

Aiming for the best savings accounts rates

Over the past two years, we’ve made numerous improvements, but we know that for these improvements to make a difference, our marketplace needs savings accounts with competitive rates, so that’s what we filled our marketplace with, as our customers can attest to:

“The interest rates always seem to [be] higher than anywhere else.”

“It is always good to have competition with so many of the High Street Banks and building societies offering pathetic interest rates, I recently filled in a similar survey for […] Halifax which was prompted by me removing my savings from them and moving them to you. Obviously, when they were only paying me 0.1% this should have been no surprise! But what is surprising is how many people do not realise [how low] these rates really are despite sites like MSE.”

“Encouraging people to get access to the best rates.”

Giving UK savers more choice

As our marketplace has grown, so too has the variety of savings accounts available through our marketplace. Starting with a selection of fixed rate bonds, we soon began offering notice accounts and recently we added easy access accounts to our savings marketplace. From what our customers have been saying, it’s clear to us that choice is important to them too:

“It gives people another option for savings and supporting alternative investment groups.”

“It challenges the older, more established ways of savings whilst bringing new products to market.”

“By offering a wide spectrum of saving products under one roof [Raisin UK gives] people more choice on how to invest their money. The range of different styles of savings provided will expand in the long term future and you will be ahead of the bunch with your approach. Long may it continue.”

Making savings accounts easy

Since day one, our ethos of making it easier to grow your money has been at the heart of what we do, from offering a choice of savings accounts in one place to the creation to refining the Raisin UK Account, and our customers have noticed:

“It’s nice to only have to sign up for 1 account and apply for different savings products from there.”

“I love this new type of portal – everybody should know how easy this is”

“Investing in different banks without the hassle of multiple proving identity. Keep a number of investments at the same place so one login to look at all investments. Good rates of interest.”

“It is easier to deal with Raisin than with the individual banks involved. Also, Raisin helps keep me up to date with some of the best available savings interest rates.”

“Single login and one saved set of details from my nominated current account for various Raisin account openings have been really appreciated.”

Providing exceptional customer service

We designed our marketplace so that you shouldn’t need to talk to a person when viewing, applying for, opening and managing savings accounts, but we appreciate that there are times when it helps to talk things through. Our Customer Services Team strives to offer the best service possible, something which hasn’t been missed by our customers:

“I […] liked the fact that the Customer Services Department is great as whenever I contacted [them], my queries were dealt with quickly and efficiently. There are also financial institutions available within the Raisin UK which are quite happy to accept deposits without the need to see photographic identifications of applicants.”

“Clear communications and clear platform. When I phoned to speak to an adviser they were extremely helpful and very friendly.”

“[I] like the fact they always keep in touch by email with rate changes and reply promptly to my emails.”

It just works

We provide a single destination for people to make the most of their savings, and for many of our customers, what we do simply works for them:

“Simple, uncomplicated and unfussy updates on my account and details of other options available to me. No hard-selling of any kind. Just the way I want a bank to work.”

“It just worked.”

“I don’t trawl the internet anymore, I just look at Rasin.”

Join the future of savings accounts

It only takes a few minutes to take growing your savings into the future. Once you’ve registered for a Raisin UK Account, you can start lifting your savings, just like the following customer, who shares our view of making better savings accounts more readily available to UK savers:

“As the financial institutions which are available at Raisin UK, offer better and more competitive rates for savers, I firmly believe that the Raisin UK way of investing is the way forward for present and future generations of investors, who wish to enjoy the convenience of online banking and have access to great customer service too.”

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