QIB (UK): 1.5 years Fixed Term Deposit

1.5 years | GBP
  • FSCS protects deposits up to £85,000 per person

About QIB (UK)

Headquartered in London, QIB (UK) Plc provides private banking services and structured real estate financing in the UK, as well as a range of personal savings products, and has been fully authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the FCA and PRA.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK’s statutory deposit guarantee scheme, protects all eligible deposits offered by QIB (UK) Plc through the Raisin UK savings marketplace.

In 2019 QIB UK won The Banker’s UK country award for best Islamic Bank. QIB UK won this award in part for its provision of attractive products and services including its leading deposit products available through Raisin UK. As a result of this offering, QIB UK is seeing increased interest from non-Islamic customers who are looking to benefit from the bank’s competitive rates, as well as its high ethical standards and customer service.

Established in 1926, The Banker is read by senior decision makers at the world’s foremost financial institutions. Each year, The Banker produces a definitive ranking of the industry’s best Islamic financial institutions in order to promote and reward excellence in the global Islamic banking community.

Product details

Account name
1.5 years Fixed Term Deposit
What is the profit rate?
4.05 % AER

AER / 4.04% Gross (this savings account offers expected profit rather than interest as it follows Shari’a principles).

AER is the Annual Equivalent Rate and represents what the expected profit rate would be if profit was realised and paid once each year.

Profit is calculated annually and re-invested for deposits that are longer than one year. Profit is payable on maturity at the end of the fixed term. Profit will be paid gross of UK income tax which means that there will be no income tax deductions from the profit payments you receive on your QIB (UK) deposit.

Can QIB (UK) change the profit rate?

The rate applicable to your savings account is fixed once your application is approved and you fund your account. The rate will stay the same throughout the duration of the fixed term. Should the bank amend the rate advertised before you have fully transferred funds and the rate is lower than the rate you originally ordered, you will have 14 days to cancel your application, and your original deposit amount will be returned to your Transaction Account. We will contact you if this occurs.

Separately, in the unlikely event that the advertised expected profit rate will not be met, (after you have opened your savings account), Raisin UK will contact you advising of the new expected profit rate. You will then have the option to accept the new expected profit rate or terminate this agreement immediately upon which QIB (UK) will return to you the original deposit with the accrued profit up to that date.

Please also see Clause 5.2 of QIB (UK)’s Term Deposit Conditions for further information regarding when QIB(UK) may change the expected profit rate.

‘Make Good’ Offer’

If your original deposit amount returns a loss, QIB (UK) shall make good the amount of any shortfall that you may have suffered. You shall therefore be entitled to receive payment from QIB (UK) of the full amount that you had previously deposited. Note that there is no requirement for QIB (UK) to pay any form of profit to you under this “‘Make Good’ Offer”.

You are entitled to refuse this offer, and can do so by emailing service@raisin.co.uk with the email title ‘Make Good Opt Out’. If you accept this offer, you shall therefore be entitled to receive payment from QIB (UK) of the full amount that you had previously deposited with QIB (UK).

We would like to draw your attention to the guidance offered by the QIB (UK) Shari’a Supervisory Board. The guidance is that if QIB (UK) needs to make good the amount of any shortfall (set out above), this will not comply with Sharia principles.

Please note, for renewal orders the rate you will receive will be confirmed as the rate available 5 days before the date of maturity. Please see our FAQs for more information.

What would the estimated balance be after 18 months based on a £1,000 deposit?

The estimated balance after 18 months on a deposit of £1,000 is £1,061.42.

This projection is for illustrative purposes only and does not take into account individual circumstances.

How do I open and manage my account

To open this savings account, you must apply online through Raisin UK. Savings accounts at Raisin UK are only available through this online application process, and to be eligible to apply, you must:

●      Be a UK resident who is aged 18 or over

●      Hold a UK bank or building society account from which you will fund your application

●      Have a valid mobile phone number and email address

●      Have a UK National Insurance Number

Your application acceptance will be subject to the successful completion of Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) checks.

The minimum amount you can deposit is £1000, and the maximum amount you can deposit is £85,000 (per product and banking institution).

You can manage your savings account through Raisin UK by logging into your Raisin UK Account. You can contact Raisin UK by telephone, by email or in writing by using the contact details provided in the Raisin UK Terms & Conditions.

Please ensure you have read all sets of Terms and Conditions (QIB(UK) Term Deposit Conditions, Raisin UK Terms & Conditions and Meteor Asset Management Raisin Deposit Terms and Conditions) before applying for this product.  If you have any queries relating to any of the Terms and Conditions, please contact Raisin through your Raisin UK Account.

This product will automatically renew at the end of its term into a new fixed term deposit. For an original term of up to12 months, your term deposit is automatically renewed for the same duration. For an initial duration of more than12 months, it will be extended for 12 months. You can deactivate the automatic prolongation up to five calendar days before the maturity of the term deposit in your online banking.
Should you not want the default renewal term you can choose to renew into a different term at any time once the product is open if the option is available with your bank.

Please see our FAQs for more information.

Can I withdraw money?

Because this savings account is a fixed term deposit, withdrawals are not permitted before the maturity date, except if an account holder dies or becomes bankrupt. This savings account does NOT operate on the basis that you can end the fixed term of your savings account prematurely and pay a fee to withdraw your funds sooner.

Your savings account will not automatically renew at the end of the fixed term for a further fixed term. At the end of the fixed term, unless you elect to renew your savings account with us, we will credit the profit that has accrued into your Raisin UK Account.

Additional information

Meteor Asset Management (MAM), with their administration arm Meteor Investment Management (MIM), will administer the deposit on your behalf.

Funds will appear in MIM’s account by the following business day from funding your application at the latest. Funds will be remitted to QIB (UK) by MIM on the next business day after arriving in the MIM account. It can therefore take up to 2 business days for an ordered product to be set up and start earning profit.

All cash in transit and deposits once established, will be held by MIM and MAM in trust for you under FCA client money and asset rules. Please see the Meteor Asset Management Raisin Deposit Terms and Conditions for further details.

Shari’a banking, also known as Islamic banking, covers any financial activity that complies with Shari’a principles, reflecting the belief that exploitative gains, such as earning interest on money, are prohibited. Subsequently, Shari’a savings accounts use the money from deposits to invest and generate a profit, rather than an interest rate. There are no restrictions on who can apply for a Shari’a savings account.

According to the bank’s terms and conditions, there is a 14-day period Right of withdrawal.

Security and deposit guarantee

Deposits are eligible for protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) http://www.fscs.org.uk/. The FSCS is the United Kingdom’s statutory deposit guarantee scheme that covers deposits in individual savings accounts up to £85,000, per banking group regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority. It is available for deposits with most UK high-street and online banks and means if the bank fails, and deposits become unavailable, the scheme may cover your deposit account deposit up to the £85,000 per person, per banking group limit.

Compensation limits are per person per firm, not per deposit. Be aware that if you have other deposits with this bank (or banking group) then the £85,000 protection applies only to eligible deposits up to this limit.

Timescales for the return of your money can vary between different banks and banking groups. This bank holds funds under a trust model. Funds held under a trust model can take up to three months to be returned, but in most cases will be returned sooner than this.’ and vice versa.