The Raisin UK Account

By registering at Raisin UK, you gain access to a powerful savings tool that has been designed to help you save time and make money; the Raisin UK Account.

What is the Raisin UK Account?

We’ve created the Raisin UK Account to make it easier for you to apply for and manage savings products through our marketplace. The Raisin UK savings marketplace gives you access to multiple savings products from a variety of partner banks.

One login with one
application form

One place to manage
your savings

One transactional account to
fund savings products

Every customer who successfully registers with us (or who opts-in as an existing customer) automatically receives a Raisin UK Account, which features the following tools:

One login with one application form

With your Raisin UK Account, you only ever need to fill out one application form when you register with us, after which you just need to log in and click apply to apply for any savings product in our marketplace. That’s it; we won’t ask you to keep filling in application forms, even if you apply for a savings product from a different partner bank.

One place to manage your savings

Your Raisin UK Account includes a range of tools designed to make it easy to manage your savings products, including secure messaging and the ability to quickly view your savings products essential information, such as upcoming maturity dates and the overall balance of your Raisin UK Account.

One transactional account to fund savings products

So that you don’t have to provide your bank details to multiple partner banks and to make applying for savings products easier, your Raisin UK Account includes a transactional account feature, providing you with an easy way to fund savings products.

Using your Raisin UK Account

Your Raisin UK Account transactional account enables you to transfer funds from your nominated bank account (your personal bank account that you specify when you register) to the partner bank offering the savings product that you want to apply for. You can transfer funds to and from your Raisin UK Account at any time, meaning that your deposits can be ready when you want to fund a savings product.

You won’t have to contend with a complicated transfer process or have to remember numerous bank details to fund a savings product; just top up your Raisin UK Account with the amount that you pledged, and it will be automatically transferred to the partner bank when your application is approved.

Your deposits and any interest or profit that you’ve earned will be transferred to your Raisin UK Account when your savings product matures, as will any bonuses that you’re eligible for.

Please be aware that funds deposited into your Raisin UK Account won’t accrue any interest or profit until they are deposited into an interest or profit bearing savings product.

Powered by Starling Bank

Like us, Starling Bank is challenging the status quo. We’re proud to be one of the first in the UK to take advantage of Starling Bank’s approach to open banking by providing you with an innovative, secure transactional bank account through your Raisin UK Account, that puts you in the driving seat to managing your savings.

FSCS protected deposits

Money held in your Starling Bank transactional account (within the Raisin UK Account) is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000.

Raisin only deposits your funds with UK banks who are FSCS protected, or European banks who are protected by an equivalent scheme in that country, through the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS). The FSCS offers protection of up to £85,000 per person, per banking group. The amount of protection from European banks through the DGS is €100,000 (or the equivalent amount in a European country’s local currency).

Want to know more about how Raisin UK works?

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