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  • EDGS protects deposits up to SEK 1,050,000 per person

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About HoistSavings

HoistSavings is the savings arm of Hoist Finance, and all eligible deposits made into HoistSavings savings accounts are protected by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme, and up to a total of SEK 1,050,000 per person, per institution.

As Hoist Finance is located in Sweden, it is regulated by Finansinspektionen (FI), and your funds will be sent to and be held in Sweden, rather than the UK. Find out more about the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme here.

Hoist Finance, founded in 1994, is a Swedish financial institution listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, offering deposit accounts covered by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme. Hoist Finance is a trusted debt resolution partner to individuals, companies, and banks in eleven European countries. With over 1,700 dedicated colleagues, smart digital solutions, and a deep understanding of individual financial circumstances, we help over six million customers keep their commitments. Hoist Finance has a diverse portfolio of asset classes and our online savings platform in Sweden, UK and Germany enables our unique funding model.

Bank details

Headquarters: Stockholm
Year established: 1994

Security and deposit guarantee

Deposits held with Hoist Finance AB are protected by the Swedish Depositor Compensation Scheme. Each eligible customer, as defined by the Deposit Insurance Act, is entitled to compensation for the amount deposited plus accrued interest on his or her account(s) with the bank up to a up to a maximum of the GBP equivalent of SEK 1,050,000 at the time of the compensation case. The maximum deposit size for this product is limited to £70,000.

Who is Raisin?

We are the UK savings marketplace for Raisin, one of Europe’s most successful technology-led financial services companies. We want to get Britain saving, so we connect savers with a range of banks and building societies offering deposit-protected savings accounts with competitive interest rates.

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