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02.11.2020 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

Celebrating two years of giving your savings a lift

We’ve been helping you to give your savings a lift for two years, in which time we’ve launche…

28.10.2020 | 5 minutes estimated reading time

Do the high-achievers of Britain’s universities become high-earners?

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash With the average student in England totting up a whopping £40,800 wort…

02.10.2020 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

Do Brits know enough to make the most of their money?

Can you explain the difference between inflation and interest? When you manage your finances, do you expe…

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28.08.2020 | 2 minutes estimated reading time

Say hello to the new market-leading* savings accounts at Raisin UK

Good news for savers as our marketplace continues to grow with the recent addition of two new partner ban…

19.03.2020 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

How is COVID-19 affecting the savings market and what’s next for UK savers?

Low interest rates, stockpiling purchases, closed schools, slumping stock prices. Almost all areas of lif…

03.02.2020 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

Love your savings this February with Raisin Rewards

Are you tired of your savings not showing you any interest? Are you happy with the one your savings are w…

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