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04.06.2021 | 5 minutes estimated reading time

Everything you need to know about 95% mortgages

In 2007, there were more than 800 different 95% mortgages available for first-time buyers. This provision…

13.05.2021 | 5 minutes estimated reading time

How to avoid a savings account or fixed rate bond scam

Financial scams are on the rise in the UK, with cases of bank fraud increasing by two thirds in the last…

30.04.2021 | 7 minutes estimated reading time

Character Cash: The gaming universe’s highest earners

It’s the question everyone asks – is Mario actually a plumber, and if he is, how much does he earn…

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20.11.2020 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

Don’t despair! NS&I beating easy access rates now available

In light of the news that NS&I is dropping the rates of several savings accounts, savers are facing t…

28.08.2020 | 2 minutes estimated reading time

Say hello to the new market-leading* savings accounts at Raisin UK

Good news for savers as our marketplace continues to grow with the recent addition of two new partner ban…

19.03.2020 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

How is COVID-19 affecting the savings market and what’s next for UK savers?

Low interest rates, stockpiling purchases, closed schools, slumping stock prices. Almost all areas of lif…

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