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01.07.2020 | 5 minutes estimated reading time

Does money buy happiness? Find out how much money you need to be happy around the world

Being filthy rich doesn’t always mean that you’ll be a happy person, or does it? More money affords you m…

04.06.2020 | 5 minutes estimated reading time

Over three-quarters of Brits say the COVID-19 lockdown changed their attitude towards their savings

As the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions in Britain begin to lift, we wanted to understand the impa…

21.05.2020 | 6 minutes estimated reading time

Which UK cities are the best to invest in? Data reveals the perfect locations to start a business or buy a house

Location is a fundamental aspect of investing in a business or buying a home. From consumer demand, compe…

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03.02.2020 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

Love your savings this February with Raisin Rewards

Are you tired of your savings not showing you any interest? Are you happy with the one your savings are w…

20.12.2019 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

A sustainable future for all is core to Gatehouse Bank

Issues concerning the climate and sustainability have been in the spotlight throughout 2019, and some com…

11.12.2019 | 3 minutes estimated reading time

ICICI Bank wins Savings Champion Award

ICICI Bank recently received an award in the coveted Savings Champion Awards 2020, arguably one of the mo…

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