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Register with Raisin UK to access savings accounts from a range of banks on our no-fees marketplace

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Log in to your Raisin UK Account to apply for savings accounts in a few clicks. No more application forms

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Transfer your deposit to your Transaction Account. We’ll take care of the rest

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Earn money from your savings with our range of competitive savings accounts

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Your money journey

After you’ve applied for a savings account from one of our partner banks, and transferred your deposit to your Transaction Account, we take care of the rest.

This diagram shows the journey of your money from your bank or building society account to a savings account. This process is automated, so you only need to transfer your money between your Nominated Account to your Transaction Account. We take care of the rest.

Please be aware that some of our partner banks don’t utilise the services of Meteor Asset Management (MAM). You can find out if a partner bank will transfer your money via MAM by reading the product description.

Why choose Raisin UK?


Your money is secure at every step. We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA, and we only work with banks that are protected by the FSCS or the European equivalent


Saving with specialist and challenger banks often gives you access to better rates than you’ll find on the high street, which means your money grows quicker*


Say goodbye to application forms, endless logins and hidden fees. Our easy, free-to-use service helps you make your savings work harder. Simple

Savings accounts at Raisin UK

Fixed rate bonds

  • Typically the saving account type that offers the most competitive rate of interest
  • Ideal for long-term savings goals
  • Make one deposit to earn a fixed rate of interest or profit
  • Your deposit is locked in for a fixed term – typically between 6 months and five years – and you can’t access it until the end of the term
  • Funds transfer to your Raisin UK Account at maturity

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Notice accounts

  • Offers a competitive, variable rate of interest, with the flexibility to withdraw after a set notice period – usually 30 – 180 days
  • Ideal for long or medium-term savings goals
  • Make one deposit to earn a variable rate of interest
  • Funds will transfer to your Raisin UK Account after you’ve given notice to withdraw your funds, and your account will also be closed

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Easy access accounts

  • One of the most flexible savings account types, with a variable rate of interest
  • Ideal for short-term savings goals, or to use as a regular saver
  • Make an initial deposit, then top up as many times as you like
  • You can withdraw money as often as you want, provided it doesn’t take your balance below the minimum required to keep your account open
  • Interest is paid monthly

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Learn more about your savings

We want you to make informed decisions about your savings, which is why we give everyone access to our growing collection of savings guides, which includes advice on how to get the most out of Raisin UK.

How we make money

We make money from fees our partner banks pay us for every savings account opened through our marketplace, which is why our savings service is free to use. We don’t earn money from deposits held in your Transaction Account, and we don’t earn money while deposits transfer to savings accounts. We only make money when your savings deposits are making money for you, which motivates us to provide you with the best savings accounts, rates and service possible.

Peace of mind with deposit protection

Feeling reassured that your savings are safe is priceless, which is why deposits made into every savings account offered by our UK based partner banks are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Savings accounts offered by our partner banks based in other European countries are protected by the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS).

FSCS ProtectedFSCS ProtectedFSCS Protected

Raisin UK and ClearBank

ClearBank provides your FSCS-protected Transaction Account, which allows you to transfer money between your Nominated Account and your Transaction Account in order to open savings accounts on the Raisin UK marketplace.

Want to know more?

Please read the FAQs below if you want to know more, or visit our FAQs page where you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • General information about Raisin UK
  • Your Transaction Account
  • Applying for savings accounts at Raisin UK

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