How Raisin UK works

Raisin UK offers you a choice of savings offers from banks, with the convenience of a single registration process. When you open an account with Raisin, you will only ever have to complete one application form, to have access to all of our savings products.

Simply fill in one application form, complete one identity verification process and you're all set to apply for as many products as you wish. No longer is there any need to keep sending copies of your passport and gas bills to prove your identity to each bank.

To help deliver the most effective service for customers, we only offer online transactions and processing. That means you'll need to transfer funds electronically to your new savings account. We don't accept cheques and you can't visit a branch to pay in funds.

Once you've signed up, we offer the benefit of your own online savings portal where you can see all your savings products opened through Raisin. Here you can open new savings accounts, renew existing ones or simply check up on how much interest you are due from each account.

It's all part of Raisin’s commitment to becoming the new marketplace for UK savers.

How we get paid

As a business, we are paid a fee by our partner banks for introducing new savings deposits. However, unlike comparison sites, this is not based on the volume of applications, but rather on how much you save and for how long, which means we are motivated to help you find the account that's right for you.