Upgrade and improvements in progress

We're excited to announce that we’re upgrading the Raisin UK savings marketplace. We’ll be launching something new soon, but between Monday 12th November 2018 and Monday 19th November 2018, you won't be able to register with us or apply for any savings products. If you've already registered with us or applied for a savings product, you can still fund your savings product and claim your bonus, as well as log into your customer portal, but you won't be able to make any changes to your account.

Read our Newsroom post to find out what’s coming.

How the Raisin UK savings marketplace works

The Raisin UK savings marketplace gives you the ability to quickly and easily apply for savings products offered by our partner banks, with the convenience of one single login. When you register with Raisin UK, you only ever have to fill in one application form for all of our savings products.

Once you've set up your one single login, you'll be able to view your online savings portfolio through your customer portal, from which you can manage every savings product that you have opened through Raisin UK. You can also check the terms of any savings product you've purchased and see how much interest or profit you may be due.

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Prove your identity once

When you register with us, we'll only ask you to verify your identity once, after which, you'll be able to apply for as many savings products on the Raisin UK savings marketplace as you want. This simple and secure online verification process means that you don't need to prove your identity by sending copies of your passport or a utility bill every time you want to apply for savings product from a different bank.

Convenient online transactions

We want to help you save time and make money. Because of this, all transactions and processing on the Raisin UK savings marketplace are handled online.

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How we generate money

As a business, we are paid a fee by our partner banks for introducing new savings depositors. However, unlike some comparison sites, this is not based on the volume of applications, but rather on how much you save and for how long, which means that we are motivated to help you find the savings product that's right for you.

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The best way to understand the effectiveness of the Raisin UK platform is to try it for yourself. Register with us today to discover first-hand how much you could earn on your savings.

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