Refer a friend bonus

Recommend Raisin UK to a friend, and you could each receive a £50 bonus

If you like the way we do things at Raisin UK, why not recommend us to your friends and family members?

Both you and your friends can benefit:

  • Receive £50 for every friend you refer who funds their first savings account with £5,000 or more
  • Each of your friends will receive £50 when they fund their first savings account for a minimum duration of 6 months with £5,000 or more, within 365 days of registering with Raisin UK

All you need to do to take advantage of our ‘refer a friend bonus’ is log into your Raisin UK Account and where indicated, fill the names, locations and email addresses of the friends who you want to refer, and we’ll send them an email stating that you’re inviting them to join the Raisin UK savings marketplace.

Please note, the Refer a Friend bonus increased to £50 on 9 August 2023. If you referred a friend prior to this date, you would each be eligible for a bonus of £25 each.

How to refer a friend

  1. Register at
  2. Apply for and fund a savings account
  3. Log into your Raisin UK Account, then navigate to the refer a friend page and enter the contact details for who you want to recommend Raisin UK to

Who you can refer

  1. You can refer anyone who isn’t already registered at Raisin UK
  2. We recommend only referring friends who may be eligible for a Raisin UK Account (please read our eligibility requirements in our FAQs)
  3. Please only recommend those who have permitted you to share their contact details with us

Please read our FAQs for further information about how the ‘refer a friend bonus’ works.

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