Exclusive £50 cash launch bonus for all new customers

In addition to earning on your savings, we want to reward you for being a part of the Raisin UK savings marketplace. To celebrate our UK launch, we're giving away a special cash launch bonus of £50 per customer for all funded savings products during our launch period.

For a limited period, a £50 cash launch bonus is guaranteed to all new customers who successfully fund their first fixed term deposit on the Raisin UK savings marketplace.

To receive your bonus, you just need to send an email from the email address you registered with, containing the account holder’s name(s) with "Launch bonus" as the subject to bonus@raisin.co.uk, within 30 days of you funding your first fixed term deposit Once we receive your email, the £50 cash launch bonus will be credited to your nominated UK account within 60 days of you successfully funding your savings product.

Launch bonus payment update

We're pleased to announce that we are in the process of sending out May and June’s launch bonus payments. If you funded a savings product with us for the first time and requested your bonus before the end of June, provided that you met our eligibility requirements, you should receive your £50 cash launch bonus soon.

If you sent an email requesting your bonus in July, your bonus request is unlikely to be processed until August.

Please read our FAQs for further advice, including questions about eligibility and how we'll get your bonus to you. Alternatively, please contact our customer services team who are available Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm, using the contact details below.


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