Boost bonus

For a limited time only, renew an existing savings account or deposit at least £5,000 into a new savings account, and we’ll boost your savings with £10 per savings account – up to a maximum of £50!
Existing Raisin UK customer? Good news – you are still eligible to claim up to five new bonuses with this promotion. In addition to this, new customers are also eligible for our welcome bonus on their first deposit of £10,000 or more.
Boost bonusBoost bonusBoost bonus

Here's how it works

  1. Open or renew a savings account on the Raisin UK marketplace with a minimum deposit amount of £5,000, between 18/10/21 and 31/12/21. (You can do this up to five times, but no more than one account per day as part of this promotion!)
  2. Good news – all of our savings account types are eligible. If you opt for a fixed rate bond, the minimum term must be six months, and if you choose an easy access savings account or a notice account, you’ll need to keep the minimum balance at £5,000 for the first six months.
  3. Claim your bonus just once by emailing with the subject ‘Boost Boost’, quoting the bonus amount you are eligible for and wish to claim. If you open additional savings accounts after you’ve made your first claim, we’ll automatically credit your account (so no need to claim again!)
  4. We’ll double-check the details, and if we accept your claim, we’ll then credit your Raisin UK Account with your bonus – this will be within 14 days for a fixed rate bond, or within 14 days of your notice account or easy access savings account being open for six months.

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