Holiday savings account

If you’re planning a holiday, it’s usually more affordable if you save the money you need to pay for it rather than incurring debt. On this page, we look at which holiday savings accounts in the UK could best help you save and how long it might take to save for your holiday.

Holiday savings accountsHoliday savings accountsHoliday savings accounts

Which savings accounts should I consider for my holiday savings?

You’ll find different types of savings accounts on our marketplace that could help when you’re saving for a holiday, including fixed rate bonds and notice accounts. For more savings tips, see our guide to saving for a holiday.

Fixed rate bonds allow you to lock away a lump sum for a set amount of time, usually between six months and five years. One of the benefits of fixed rate bonds is that they typically offer very competitive rates for a set amount of time. This means you’ll earn the same interest rate from the day you open the account until the end of your fixed term, which is particularly good in times of uncertainty and falling interest rates. Fixed term accounts might work well if you’re saving over a few years for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

You may also want to consider a notice account for your holiday savings. A notice account offers competitive variable interest rates and the flexibility to withdraw your money after a set notice period. This account might be right for you if you want to be able to access your holiday savings on fairly short-term notice, typically between 30 and 90 days.


How do I earn interest from my holiday savings?

If you have a lump sum saved up for a holiday, but you don’t need to spend it yet, opening a lump sum savings account means you can earn interest from your holiday savings.

Interest from a fixed rate bond

The interest you earn on a fixed rate bond doesn’t change, which means you’ll earn the same amount of interest throughout your fixed term. How interest is paid to you depends on the account you open, but typically, you’ll receive the interest you’ve earned along with the lump sum you initially deposited once you’ve reached the end of your term.

Interest from a notice account

Notice accounts offer variable interest rates and how you earn interest varies between financial institutions, although it’s usually paid whenever you make a withdrawal. It’s always best to check the details so you know when you’ll be paid the interest you earn.

Holiday savings plan: how long will it take to save for my holiday?

The following tables provide examples of holiday savings plans that show how much you could earn in different time frames. It will give you a general idea of how long you might need to save for in order to reach your target holiday savings, but of course, you may be able to save more, or you may choose a different type of holiday savings account.

£20 saved per month

Time Total Savings
3 months £60
6 months £120
1 year £240
2 years £480

£50 saved per month

Time Total Savings
3 months £150
6 months £300
1 year £600
2 years £1,200

£100 saved per month

Time Total Savings
3 months £300
6 months £600
1 year £1,200
2 years £2,400

£200 saved per month

Time Total Savings
3 months £600
6 months £1,200
1 year £2,400
2 years £4,800

£250 saved per month

Time Total Savings
3 months £750
6 months £1,500
1 year £3,000
2 years £6,000

Opening holiday savings accounts with Raisin UK

Quickly and easily apply for savings accounts with attractive rates from a range of UK partner banks by registering for a Raisin UK Account, then logging in to apply for free in just a few clicks.

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