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In today’s interconnected world, scams have become increasingly sophisticated, targeting individuals, businesses, and organisations alike. One prevalent scam tactic to watch out for in 2023 is the use of cloned business websites.

Cybercriminals create near-identical copies of legitimate, reputable websites to deceive unsuspecting users, including using their logos, design, and content – making it challenging to spot the difference at first glance. Once you enter your personal or financial information on these fraudulent sites, the scammers may gain access to your sensitive data, leading to potential identity theft or financial fraud.

Raisin UK has been victim to this scam in the last 12 months, so we would like to advise you on what you can expect to see from us, how we will communicate with you, and what we will and won’t ask you. You can also view our guide to spotting scam websites.

How Raisin UK will communicate with you

Raisin UK will communicate directly with you to your registered email address and mobile phone number via the following mediums.

  • Emails, which will be sent to you from:
  • Push notifications, if you have the Raisin app on your phone, and you are opted in to receive these
  • SMS (text) messages, where we may send you a mobile verification code when completing online activity. We also may send the occasional marketing message via SMS.
  • Direct mail (letters) to your registered home address on occasion, informing you about offers and promotions, or important information about your Raisin UK Account

You can check your registered email address and phone number by logging into your Raisin UK Account and going to Customer details. You can change which emails you receive at any time by logging into your Raisin UK Account and going to Notifications.

How Raisin UK will never communicate with you

  • We will never contact you first through direct message on social media, for example on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What Raisin UK will never ask you

When speaking to you over the phone, our Customer Services team at Raisin UK will never ask you for the following:

  • Your Raisin UK Account password
  • One-Time Passwords (OTP) or mobile verification codes. These are sent to your phone or email for extra security during online transactions.
  • Remote Access: We will never ask you to grant us remote access to your computer or mobile device. Scammers may request this access under the guise of offering technical support or assistance, but legitimate financial services companies and banks will not do this.
  • Payment sent anywhere except your Transaction Account. Your Transaction Account details can be found by logging into your Raisin UK Account and hovering over your initials in the upper left corner. You will only ever transfer funds to these account details when using Raisin UK’s services.
  • Payment via Gift Cards: Legitimate banks will never ask you to make payments using gift cards, cryptocurrencies, or other unconventional payment methods. Such requests are common in scams and fraudulent activities


No matter how we communicate with you (email, phone, push notification, etc), we will never ask you to transfer money to account details that are different from your Transaction Account details, and we will never ask you to use or make a transaction from anywhere other than

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