Raisin UK Celebrates Winning Innovator of the Year at FSF Awards 2020

Raisin UK is celebrating winning ‘Innovator of the Year at the Financial Services Forum Awards 2020

The annual awards, curated by the UK Financial Services Forum, celebrates true innovation in financial products and services. Entrants from the across the UK were shortlisted, with Raisin UK crowned ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the digital event held in March.

Award judges commended that Raisin UK is “a great, simple and focused open banking app that improves returns for savers” and “an accessible and simple to understand tool for unsaved cash to do more for consumers.” The award marks the first successful award win for the personal savings service since launching two years ago.

To date, Raisin has brokered 22 billion Euros across Europe and has 250,000 customers across 31 European countries on Raisin’s seven platforms. With 91 partner banks, Raisin offers by far the largest variety of products and partner banks of all savings platforms and allows customers a wider choice and freedom of choice.

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