Raisin UK announces savings partnership with UBL UK

Raisin UK, the leading online marketplace for high-interest savings accounts, has added UBL UK to its online marketplace, the 26th savings partner since launching.

UBL UK has been in operation since 2001 providing retail banking products to its customers, they also offer wholesale banking, treasury and money transfer services. The bank has joined the Raisin UK marketplace offering UK customers 3 years 1.82% AER and 5-year 2.05% AER fixed-rate bonds.

Discussing the launch Kevin Mountford, Raisin UK Co-Founder, said: “UBL UK joining the Raisin UK marketplace is fantastic news for UK savers with an initial launch that includes market-leading three and five-year products.

“Following the recent announcements of tax, inflation and national insurance increases, coupled with squeezes on pensions and inheritance funds, consumers are ever more conscious about maximising their ability to save more.

“However, the longer-term base rate is unlikely to increase much, so if you can afford to lock money in longer-term bond then it’s worth looking at options. The last thing to do is leave money in the big banks, particularly as up to £85k is just as safe with smaller challenger and overseas originated providers such as UBL UK as it is with big high street banks.”

Brian Firth, Chief Executive Officer for UBL UK, added: “We are excited to be partnering with Raisin to extend depositors’ access to UBL UK’s savings products. Raisin’s Platform provides efficiency and simplicity to enable consumers to search for the best deposit rates and open deposit accounts with Raisin’s Partner Banks, and we look forward to working with them.”

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