Raisin UK adds 23rd Partner to Online Marketplace

Raisin UK, the UK’s leading cash savings service, has welcomed the 23rd savings partner, Reliance Bank, to its online marketplace.

Continuing the trend for providing consumers more choice beyond the high street, when it comes to their savings and hard-earned cash, the addition of Reliance Bank’s 0.30% AER 35-day notice account is a welcome addition.

Discussing the launch Kevin Mountford, Raisin UK Co-Founder, said: “While the savings market has seen some recent improvement in rates, some easy access accounts still only offer minimal returns on flexible savings. As an alternative, short term notice accounts offer an excellent alternative for consumers looking to bolster their savings with a higher rate while remaining flexible to access.”

One of the UK’s oldest ethical banks, William Booth (founder of The Salvation Army) set up The Salvation Army Deposit Bank in 1890. All deposits were used to help buy properties for The Salvation Army.

The bank became Reliance Bank in 1901 and to this day, still, donate 75% of their profits to the Salvation Army International to help fund ethical projects around the world.

To date, Raisin has brokered 39 billion Euros across Europe and has 385,000 customers across 31 European countries on seven platforms. With 114 partner banks, Raisin offers by far the largest variety of products and partner banks of all savings platforms and allows customers a wider choice and freedom of choice.

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