Investments: a beginner's guide

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An investment is an asset or item you purchase to generate a profitable return. Investing can be a great way to grow your wealth over time but it’s important to understand the risks that come with starting an investment portfolio. On this page, we’ll guide you through the basics of investing and explain how the stock market works. You’ll also learn about the different types of investments and discover the best ways to invest different sums of cash.

An introduction to stocks and shares

Investing in the stock market can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you’re not familiar with how it works or common investment jargon. While buying shares in a company has the potential to deliver lucrative returns, it does have its risks

It’s also worth remembering that stocks and shares are generally viewed as long-term investments, especially if you want to maximise your chances of success. The following guides explain how the stock market works to help you get started on your investment journey.

Different types of investments explained

As an investor, you have plenty of choice when it comes to deciding where to put your money. Some of the most common types of investments are stocks, bonds, funds, cash and property. Each one has its pros and cons so it’s important to weigh up the different types carefully before committing your money. These handy guides explore some of the options that may be available to you.

Equity funds and investments

Equity is a term often found on a company’s balance sheet, but it’s also a common term used amongst investors and in accounting, as well as in personal finances. The following guides explain what equity is, as well as how equity funds and equity investments work.

The best ways to invest different sums of money

If you’ve recently inherited a lump sum of money or your savings have accumulated over time, you might be wondering how best to invest your cash. Whether it’s £10k or £100k, it’s important to weigh up your options so you get the best return on your investment. Read the following guides for some practical tips and advice.