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Welcome to the Raisin UK Newsroom

Welcome to the Raisin UK Newsroom, where you’ll find financial news, articles and guides tailored to meet the needs of UK savers. We’re excited to start helping you save time and make money, but first, we would like to tell you more about who we are and what we do.

Who we are

Raisin was established in Berlin in 2013 to provide financial services to European customers, and since their inception, they’ve attracted over 100,000 European customers who have deposited over €6 billion. Having already helped over 150,000 savers in the UK, we became part of Raisin in 2017, and we plan to continue helping savers in 2018 through the Raisin UK savings marketplace.

What we do

We want to help you save time and make money by enabling you to securely view and purchase savings accounts from a variety of partner banks with competitive interest rates, all of which are either guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or a European deposit guarantee scheme.

Why we are different

Once you’ve successfully registered with Raisin UK, you’ll receive one single login that makes it easy to manage all of your savings products through a secure customer portal. Your one single login enables you to purchase multiple financial products without the need to fill out another application form, all you need to do is enter your Raisin UK username and password, then click apply. You can even apply through specific partner bank websites.

Get rewarded for being one of the first to save

Although earning money from your savings can feel rewarding, we want to give all of our customers something extra. So, to celebrate our UK launch, we’ll reward you with a £50 launch bonus (per customer) for successfully funding a savings account on raisin.co.uk during our launch window.

You can find out what bonus we’re currently offering here.

Which savings accounts will be available at launch

The first wave of partner banks listed on the Raisin UK savings marketplace will be offering a variety of Fixed Term Deposits, with competitive interest rates.

We’ll continue to partner with more banks and expand the range of financial products in our savings marketplace, see our latest savings products.

This article may contain information about partner banks, savings accounts, rates and bonus offers which were correct at the time of publication on 9th May 2018.